Luxury Loft-Style Homes Starting from $979,000

About Us

The developers of West Side Lofts are Luxury Home Builders in Los Angeles

With over a decade in construction and development of luxury properties, we decided to merge luxury living and creative workplace together, redefining the meaning of Loft.  With so much attention to detail, some of our creations have captured the attention of famous figures to call it a home.


West Side Lofts is an unparalleled creative live-work development, designed for those who would like to capture all the possibilities of living and working at the same luxury address. Why spend half of your day in traffics, and/or pay enormous office rent when you can take dazzling vacation with those savings.  Furthermore, It doesn’t get any more environmental friendly than to work from the comfort of your home, without needing to start your car. 

Yes, just think of the possibilities of extra time and savings.